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The family of a Dallas mother who was killed in a fast-food parking lot 15 years ago is speaking out in hopes it will lead to an arrest in the unsolved case.

Cheryl Burke’s family continue to hope justice will be served.

Cheryl Blake was shot and killed in the drive-through of the McDonald’s at Jim Miller and Interstate 30 on May 20, 1994.

“This is the first time I’ve been here since it happened,” said Jay Blake, herÊ20-year-old-son. He was only 5 years old when his mother was shot and killed.

“We needed our mom,”Êhe said, fighting back tears. “How could they come forward and shoot her like that? She had $5Êin her hand.”

Homicide detectives said the gunman fired several shots, one of which hit Cheryl BlakeÊin the head. Her sister, Patricia Frost, said she has her suspicions about who pulled the trigger, but Dallas police believe it was a random shooting.

“At that time, we were experiencing a lot of carjackings,”ÊSgt. Larry Lewis said. “Right now, that’s the only motive we can come up with.”

It’s been 15 years without an arrest.

“When I call, the only response I get is, ÔUnless we get any new leads, we are at a dead end,'” Frost said.

BlakeÕs oldest son, Jonathon, has also made repeated calls to Dallas police from Iraq, where he’s currently serving his country.

“If his mother had lived, he probably would not be in Iraq,” Frost said. “It left him kind of fearless, I think.”

The only thing Cheryl’s family said they are afraid of is the idea that justice may never be served in the case.

“There are people out there that know exactly what happened and why it happened,” Frost said. Dallas police said witnessesÊat the drive-through described seeingÊtwo Hispanic men in a gold- or yellow-colored Cadillac with a tail light out.

Anyone with information is urged to call Dallas homicide detectives.

Added: July 24, 2009

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On May 20,1994 my sister was shot and killed in a drive thru at McDonalds on Interstate 30 and Jim Miller Rd. in Dallas, TX. She was 26 yrs. old and the mother of 3 children the police believe this was a car-jacking, we her family believe otherwise she was threatend by her boyfriend numerous times before this happened but was afraid to leave him fearing he would harm her family. It has been 6 yrs. and we still do not know who acually pulled the trigger any info. that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I may need to give a little more info.she was shot 1 time in right temple, boyfriends sister was with her she was shot in right arm a flesh wound. Boyfriend was white but in a hispanic car club we do know from witnesses that hispanics killed her.

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