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In December 1996 Jody Gordon walked into the McDonald’s in Vallejo, California where he had been fired from his job the year before. He carried two guns and a knife. Three teenage girls, employees of McDonald’s, were sitting at a table having a snack after a meeting they had been called into work for. Jody asked the manager for his job back. When the manager refused Jody walked over to the girls and started shooting. He killed one of the girls and wounded the other two.

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Source: Timelines of History

Dec 26, In Vallejo Melanie Boncato (18) was shot in the head and killed at a McDonald’s restaurant by Jody Gordon (24), a former employee. Two others were also shot in the head but survived. Gordon was convicted of murder in 1998.

(SFC, 4/9/98, p.C14)

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One person is shot to death and two others injured when a former McDonald’s goes postal at his old jobsite in Vallejo, California.

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