Source: America’s Most Wanted

Police say that on the morning of June 6, 2001 Alfonso gunned down his former girlfriend Genoveva Franco Velasquez as she approached the entrance of a McDonald’s in Wheaton, IL. She worked there as an assistant manager. Cops say Alfonso walked past cars at the drive-thru window then pulled a gun from his duffle bag, shot Velasquez in the chest and then stood over her body and fired several more shots into her.

Alfonso has a long history of attacking women. He spent time in jail for rape and cops say he has attempted to kill other girlfriends in the past.

During their investigation, authorities unsealed an indictment against Alfonso for the 1993 murder of another ex-girlfriend, Sumanear Yang. Investigators say Alfonso became enraged when Yang decided to return to her husband. Investigators say he stalked her, abducted her from her home and then shot her. Yang’s body was found in the woods of a Chicago suburb days later.

Added: August 14, 2006