Source: News Channel 8

An auto theft suspect was killed early Friday when the vehicle he allegedly was driving smashed into the drive-in bay of a fast food restaurant. Police were still looking for a second stolen vehicle and other suspects wanted in connection with its theft.

“There was no pursuit, officers just came across the wrecked car on the restaurant parking lot,” said Cpl. Tracy Stone of the Bladensburg (Md.) Police Department. The car was totaled, and the side of the restaurant was turned into a mass of mangled steel framing, broken glass and fractured bricks.

The man was found lying in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in nearby Riverdale Park, Md. Investigators believe he was ejected from the vehicle by the impact of the crash. His remains were transferred to the Office of the Maryland State Medical Examiner in Baltimore for identification.

The incident began around 3:15 a.m. when residents of the 3,800 block of Kenilworth Avenue called police to report that several men were tampering with cars. Police who responded found that two cars belonging to the residents were missing.

“We’re looking for a second car that was seen driving away from the scene,” said Stone. Police had not recovered the four-door, tan 1991 Plymouth. The missing car’s Maryland tag number is MHP 990, Stone said.

The Prince George’s County Police Department, which investigates all unattended deaths that occur within its jurisdiction, is handling the collision fatality.

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