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March 16 – Death Toll: 1

In an alleged gang-related incident, 18-year-old Ruben Cortez was shot in the back of the head while standing outside of a San Jose McDonald’s. Brandon Wantland and Raymond Nava have both been arrested in connection with the murder.   Added July 20, 2011 Sources: San Francisco Chronicle

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Leo Kern – Death Toll: 1

In 1992, 18 year old Joel Durham shot McDonald’s manager Leo Kern to at point blank range in front of his fiance and other patrons during a robbery on Severn Avenue in Metairie, LA. Durham was convicted of first-degree murder, and was later killed by officers at Louisiana State Penitentiary during a failed escape attempte on Dec. 28, 1999. Added: July 14, 2011 [...]

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January 8: Death Toll: 2

March 25, 1994 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, APPELLEE v. ROBERT T. HUGHES, APPELLANT Appeal from the Judgment of Sentence of the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, Criminal Division, entered July 31, 1990 at No. 2247-89. Cappy The opinion of the court was delivered by: Cappy OPINION OF THE COURT JUSTICE CAPPY This is an automatic direct appeal from two sentences [...]

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