McLawyers Send Cease & Desist Letter

This web site is now at the center of a legal debate, stemming from the use of McDonald's trademarks for the purpose of parody.

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Multiple Car Break-ins Cannot Break Spirit of Webmaster

Although we tried to shrug this off as coincidence, our webmaster was once again raped of his personal property during another car breakin last night.

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As murders in major cities across the United States continue at a relatively unaltered rate, we have formed a task force to analyze the surrounding community to see if we could find any patterns. What we found was disturbing to say the least. The common bond? Within 1 mile of each murder scene we able to locate a McDonald's restaurant. Coincidence? We thought so, until further investigation provided more evidence to link McDonald's to a campaign of murder. Click Here to read the story as it unfolds.

Information on the site is provided by the Population Preservation Foundation (PPF) of Austin, Texas. This independent study has not been corroborated by any other group or corporation. The use of all McDonald's trademarks is only intended to provide a visual aid to the information on this site. All trademarks/logos are registered trademarks of the McDonald's corporation.

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