McDonald's Customers Get More Bang for Their Buck

According to a press release by McDonald's earlier this week, McDonald's restaurants are the safest place for families to enjoy good, healthy food. This comes after an eyewitness to a murder last week in New York City said he saw Ronald McDonald leaving the scene of the crime inside a McDonald's restaurant. McDonald's chief marketing officer Larry Light said in an interview Tuesday that "there is absolutely no truth to this accusation".

McDonald's Badgers Webmaster

In what appears to be the beginning of a series of threats against the McMurder site creators, a skilled car thief made off with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from our Webmaster's car.

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Intimidation Continues

As we near the first anniversary of, it appears as though McDonald's has initiated a new wave of attacks on the PPF0

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Local Girl Disheartened After Recent McDonald's Visit

After years of consuming McDonald's french fries, a local girl learned today that her life will never be the same.

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Victim of Crash with Ambulance Identified
Actual Publication Date Unknown

We received a copy of a news publication from Renton, Washington today. Witnesses said the woman was distracted by a man wearing a red wig and striped shirt.

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Multiple Car Break-ins Cannot Break Spirit of Webmaster

Although we tried to shrug this off as coincidence, our webmaster was once again raped of his personal property during another car breakin last night.

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McLawyers Send Cease & Desist Letter

This web site is now at the center of a legal debate, stemming from the use of McDonald's trademarks for the purpose of parody.

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