From our statistical analysis, we have determined that cities with a larger number of McDonald's restaurants were host to more murders per 100,000 people. Coinicidence? They would like you to think so. The figures below illustrate the pattern that has appeared on both sides of the United States.

City Total Population Total Murders Murders per 100,000 People Number of McDonald's Restaurants Present
New York, NY 7,319,546 1,220 14.2 312
Newark, NJ 260,232 175 9.0 10
Los Angeles, CA* 3,466,211 1,682 18.3 410
Sacramento, CA 375,845 114 7.9 30

Our information was collected from City Crime Rankings 1995 statistics, published by Morgan Quinto Press in Lawerence, Kansas in 1997, and a search of McDonald's restaurant locations at

* Population and crime data includes Long Beach, CA.

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