As early as the 1970's, we have evidence that links the McDonald's Corporation to murders in at least two major U.S. cities: Los Angeles and New York City.

We believe that the United Nations (U.N.) commissioned McDonald's corporate leaders to help control the increasing populations of its host cities by carrying out plans masterminded by the U.N. to systematically murder these cities' citizens.

Under the cover of a family-orientented fast food chain, we believe McDonald's has successfully eliminated thousands of people from Los Angeles and New York City. As we continue to analyze the concentration of murders in these cities, we can place a McDonald's restaurant within 1 mile of the most concentrated murder regions.

Although the U.N. and the McDonald's corporation both continue to deny any involvment in the scheme, we believe the evidence we have collected presents striking opposition, and presents a disturbing pattern that we have come to call "McMurder".

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