This site as it exists today was created on May 10, 2004, after our original site was threatened with a lawsuit. The McDonald’s corporation did not like our original site for its use of their trademarks for the purpose of parody, so after an entertaining week of displaying their cease & desist letter on our home page, we decided to change our focus. exists to provide historical documentation of actual Murders that have taken place at McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world. If you have knowledge of a murder that took place at a McDonald’s restaurant, and we have not added that murder to our site, please contact us immediately.

32 Year Old Man Killed in Altercation with Security Guard

A security guard shot and killed 32 year old Andre Foster at a McDonald’s on Cleveland’s East Side after a verbal altercation. The man was reportedly threatening other patrons of the restaurant. Sources: Fox 8

September 10 – Death Toll: 1

33 year old Justin Haevischer was shot and killed outside a busy McDonald's in Aldergrove, BC. Justin was identified as the brother of one of the gangsters convicted in the Surrey Six murders. Sources: Global NewsCBC

Man shot in Tuscon McDonald’s Parking Lot

An auto accident in the parking lot of a South Tucson McDonald's resulted in the shooting of an unarmed male.   Sources: KVOA (NBC Affiliate)

November 5 – Death Toll: 1

On November 5th, 2011, State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy and his friend stopped at a McDonald's in Honolulu, Hawaii for a late-night meal. During their visit, Christopher and his friend intervened in an altercation between other patrons, and he...

March 16 – Death Toll: 1

In an alleged gang-related incident, 18-year-old Ruben Cortez was shot in the back of the head while standing outside of a San Jose McDonald's. Brandon Wantland and Raymond Nava have both been arrested in connection with the murder.   Added July 20, 2011...