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February 8 – Death Toll: 1

Source: The Independent The murder of a 16-year-old catering student in a McDonald’s restaurant was nothing short of a revenge “execution”, an Old Bailey judge said yesterday. Judge Michael Coombe said Danny Westmacott was the victim of a “cowardly and vicious murder” carried out “by way of execution”, and he condemned the wall of silence which had surrounded the investigation [...]

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December 26 – Death Toll: 1

Source:¬†Amen Clinics In December 1996 Jody Gordon walked into the McDonald’s in Vallejo, California where he had been fired from his job the year before. He carried two guns and a knife. Three teenage girls, employees of McDonald’s, were sitting at a table having a snack after a meeting they had been called into work for. Jody asked the manager [...]

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