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Leo Kern – Death Toll: 1

In 1992, 18 year old Joel Durham shot McDonald’s manager Leo Kern to at point blank range in front of his fiance and other patrons during a robbery on Severn Avenue in Metairie, LA. Durham was convicted of first-degree murder, and was later killed by officers at Louisiana State Penitentiary during a failed escape attempte on Dec. 28, 1999. Added: July 14, 2011 [...]

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October 12 – Death Toll: 1

Source: On Monday October 12, 1992, Mark Hopkins was electrocuted while working at a McDonald’s restaurant in Manchester’s Arndale centre. McDonald’s never admitted responsibility or liability and the Coroners Court recorded a verdict of accidental death. Mark Hopkin’s mother, Maureen, has now begun a campaign to reopen the case after receiving McDonald’s internal reports that she says shed new light [...]

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May 7 – Death Toll: 3

Source: Ruby’s Bookshelf Murder at McDonald’s – The Killers Next Door. Nimbus Publishing Limited. Published in 1994, first edition. Perfect Bound Softcover. 284 pages, In Very good condition. The book was written by Halifax’s ATV newscaster Phonse Jessome, originally from Sydney, Cape Breton. A chilling account of the events of that fateful day on May 7, 1992 when three seemingly ordinary [...]

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