The following tips were submitted without any sources. While we believe these to be legitimate events, we try to make sure at least one credible news web site (or another form of documentation) is included to provide proof of an event. Please contact us with any information you have about these murders:

I think there was a murder in an Hamilton, Ontario, Canada McDonalds located on Upper James. It closed after the murder. This happened in the early to mid 1980s. – Submitted by Mario in December 2009

I was shocked to see that the only unsolved murder at a McDonalds is not on your list( I believe it’s the only unsolved one).It happened at the Okmulgee,Oalkahoma McDonalds and I believe it was in 1989. The victim was Joe Watson. – Submitted by James in 2009

Someone was was killed last nite/early this morning at mcdonalds in kaiapoi, north of christchurch, in new zealand last nite. details are not known yet. – Submitted in June 2009

There was a murder in palm harbor fl, pinellas county at the mcdonalds on tampa rd. person was abducted and shot the suspect in the head – Submitted by Shannon in 2008

When I was in high school, my boyfriend’s brother was gunned down in a McDonalds by a boy named Scott Hawn. This was October, 1983 and his name was Eddie Swaney. His sister Debbie was working at the same McDonalds and she witnessed everything. This happened in Maryville-Alcoa, Tennessee. – Submitted in 2008

Please checkout the gruesome murder of a branch manager and the subsequent suicide of the perpetrator after the incident here in the philipines. the branch is in taft avenue near de lasalle university in manila. – Submitted in 2008