As many of you know, we were threatened with legal action for our original web site here at McMurder.com. Rather than risk being sued over a site that was an obvious joke and parody of the McDonald's corporation, we changed our focus.

We have decided to donate our time to a greater cause... and provide a historical archive that will supersize your eyes and fry your mind. Whether you're a history buff striving to increase your knowledge of criminology and fast food restaurants, or an ordinary citizen genuinely concerned for your safety, this site is for you.

Over 114 Customers McMurdered.

Since opening in 1948, McDonald's has been host to countless murders. Take a look through the timeline on the left of this page to read up on the ones we have archived to date. If you know of a murder we haven't cataloged, please tell us!


August 26, 2009 - Viewer George R sent in a tip to inform us that Darren Muise, convinced for his role in the 1992 murder of three employees at a McDonald's restaurant in Sydney, Nova Scotia, was released from prison today.

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